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The beautiful Brujic family!

Last weekend I got to shoot this wonderful family, who I also get to call my close friends.  Traci booked me months ago because she knew they’d all be in one spot this past mother’s day weekend so we took advantage of the beautiful weather and met in Sadlers Pond.  These lucky grandparents have only granddaughters

This Mom Has A Camera!

Victoria Kate Photography

I’ve always been in love with photography.  I remember going on school field trips and bringing my moms camera to use, getting excited to get the photos developed only to find out my thumb was in every single shot.  I’ve come a long way since those days!  I have been shooting professionally for almost 10 years now and I love it all.

I love the challenges that come along with children and newborn photography, I love the excitement of engagements and weddings and I love scouting locations for models and getting to be a creative director.

I am currently based out of Essex Ontario, shooting for Windsor and Essex County.

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