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Nothing to Wear?

Coupled with a fabulous pose that complements your curves, your choice of wardrobe is going to be the second thing he notices about your images.

You can choose to model your look after a hot little number you saw on the store mannequin, you can choose to stay simple in a matching bra & panty set, or you can choose to wear nothing but a smile and a white sheet.

The best advice I can give to you is to make sure that whatever you select as part of your photoshoot wardrobe, be completely comfortable wearing it.
We can find great inspiration on the websites like Pinterest and in the catalogues of our favorite lingerie stores.  (check out my Boudoir Pinterest Board!)

Need more ideas? Try a matching bra & panty set, mismatched bras & panties, corsets & garter belts, silk slips, bodysuits, rompers, or a robe. Whatever makes you feel confident and sexy!

I hope that got your wheels spinning in regards to your general wardrobe, but we can’t forget about another integral part of the boudoir wardrobe: the shoes! A killer pair of heels lengthens our legs, rounds out our derriere, and makes the majority of men weak in the knees. It also adds that final touch of sexiness to your look. Make sure you bring a few pairs of shoes with you to your session.

Chances are that even if they aren’t so comfortable to walk in, they are going to look amazing in the photographs. Trust me on that!

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Exciting stuff around here!

Studio Renovating !!!!

Also a major clean up and organizing all this weekend!  I started with an idea of a very sexy boudoir only studio and thought why not completely redo the studio to maximize my space.

I have a theme in mind – gold and white, modern but with some vintage flare.  I knew I wanted an accent wall to help double as some cool unique backdrops so I looked at some paint samples and of course chose a plumb purple (my fav) and it would totally go with the gold and white.  I’ll be honest, I had little faith I could pull off some crazy artwork on this wall BUT I jumped right into this Gold sharpie tutorial and OMG it turned out amazing!!!  Could not be happier.

Next on my reno todo is the bed and window curtains, big things are happening and it feels good!


Valentine’s Day is almost here, lets talk BOUDOIR

vdayad17coming soon

Just finalizing the dates and times but I’m so excited to tell you about this marathon! (This month for sure)

It will be at the Old Mill in Harrow, may be a bit chilly BUT that is what space heaters are for and I checked and the weather network says it’ll be a toasty 8 degrees.  Ladies we can make that work!

FB – @theoldmillharrow to check the space out.

Keep an eye out for dates and times, or message me now to hold you’re session!

Price is$325 and includes your makeup and as many outfit changes as you’d like, sessions last about an hour an half (including getting your makeup done)


It’s MID December already!!!

Well December sure got really busy, am I right?!?! If there are any full time working mama’s or full time stay at home mamas that have figured out how to balance work and family please please let me know!  I can honestly say I have never been more busy in my entire life!.  Working full time (well minus Wednesday and the weekends), keeping up on my Photography edits and sessions while trying to promote the heck out of my business is very time consuming, then add in family time which is basically equal time, I have little hours in the day left to do all the house hold chores, laundry, dishes, meals, cleaning, bath times, bedtimes, naps, snacks all of which take top priority .

But moving on because who has the time to rant.

Last month my wonderful and beautiful cousin got married and it was a ton of fun to be able to capture her day!

And we’re back!..

Ok so long story short, we had a storm, it fried ALL our network gear, had to buy new and wait ever so patiently for it all to arrive in the mail, and for my awesome husband to get us back online!  Yea!

Ok back to business!  I have just started my Christmas Mini Session blast!  I know I know STOP talking about Christmas, we just had Halloween. BUT listen in order to create you your FABULOUS Christmas cards we need to shoot them now so I can design them and print them.

So for now lets talk only a little Christmas, then December 1 you can go nuts with it!xmasminadhoz



Started thinking about what to write for mom Mondays while my one year old sits on my desk as I type, jamming his soother into my mouth, and I think…. I have MASTERED multi tasking!

Being a mom has forced me and I am sure every single other mom on the planet to multitask.  If not you literally get ZERO things done and become a massive stress ball and lash out at your husband when he asked why there are no clean dishes, or why it’s 6pm and no one has made dinner.

Here’s 6 ways to be a MOM-TASKER

1.Is everyone feeling sticky? Take showers with the kids while they are still young enough, saving water and time, win win.  Thats an obvious one.

2. Do you work from home or need to use your computer?  Get side by side screens one for your work the other plays Paw Patrol on loop.  Got kid headphones? Even better!

3. Do you separate  laundry, then fold it after it’s dry?  WHY? Maybe fold work pants or hang that one top you own that can’t be folded but leave the rest in a basket and pick out of it as the week goes on.  Nobody has time for folding.  Don’t even think about ironing, honestly throw that thing out.   If you’re thinking ‘Wait omg NO!,  What if I have an important meeting and now all my outfits are so wrinkly it’s embarrassing’ – This is why they have the WRINKLE RELEASE option on your dryer! Set it for like 5 mins and you’re good, time saved, problem solved.  This not only saves you time but since you’re not folding you can get dishes done and dinner cooked

4. Use your google calendar for absolutely everything, I mean everything and have all the reminders set to ring 5 mins before.  Need to wake up at 6am create an event, set an event for getting downstairs by 7am so the kids can get to daycare by 8.  Create an event to remind you to stop at the bank, one to say stop at the grocery store, literally everything you need to do in the day make an event.  Not only does it look like you’re so busy and successful when someone glances at you schedule you can easily say ‘oh my, I already have 5 things going on that day, I couldn’t possibly commit to that.’  Bonus – share them all with your husband so he sees how ridiculous your days are while he’s at work, maybe he’ll come home with dinner a few nights 🙂

5. Make clean up time, actual work!  Every toy my son picks up to put away I quiz him, what shape is that, what colour is that.  Where does it go (Sorting).  Also have him follow you around with the swiffer, he thinks it’s a game, while you are tidying up he’s cleaning the floors.

6. Outdoor work with my 2 is a bit much but the days we do attempt it I put them to work.  While you need to cut the grass with the push lawnmower (I don’t suggest having kids out if you have to use a riding lawnmower), have them pull out your very overgrown weeds.  I would suggest buying little kids gardening gloves because getting dirt from under your own fingernails is hard enough.  Guaranteed you may lose a flower here and there because they will forget what you said the weeds looked like BUT it gets done.  Plan this fun activity while you have dinner in the oven.
Ok well maybe these are more mommy time savers than anything but either way I think they are at least somewhat helpful!

How To Pick Your Engagement Session Locations!

Picking Locations – Engagement Sessions

So many ideas for these kinds of sessions the creative mind runs wild! I love it and secretly these are my favorite just because it is so much fun to plan.

Being as these are always done with adults the locations are really endless, children sessions you will have to take into account a ton of variables, like weather, age appropriate places, will kids under 5 be able to go to 3 or 4 locations in a timely manner? No way not my boys at least. Yes shooting engagement sessions are great!

OK OK so you just got asked and you of course said yes! Plan your wedding now ! It takes so much work oh my! Or better yet hire a planner, this is their whole job let them be the masters and worry about everything. Now you got a date and you think oh we should probably get some amazing shots of the 2 of us that arnt ones of us a a friend’s house…probably drinking…..good idea 😉

If you haven’t already found a photographer for your wedding, engagement sessions are a wonderful way to meet your photographer one on one and see how the 3 of you fit together, do they see the same vision as you? Do you like the end results that sort of thing. Most photographers will offer the engagement session free or discounted if you book them for the wedding.

OK so you got that done check…now because I am a photographer and I’ve had a wedding I feel somewhat of an expert in this but picking your ‘theme’ for your session is important. You want to capture your couple personality. I personally had my engagement session at the calgary airport and it was such a fun day. We walked all around, the areas we were allowed to, indoors and out and even the parkade. It fit us well I felt because we lived there but all our family and friends were in ontario so it seemed fitting to be there.


Aww so much love 🙂  I had the photographers Facebook page but it looks like it no longer exists, she was a local in Calgary and was AWESOME.

Once you have an idea of what your couple personality is you can start brainstorming ideas for locations. I’m honestly not 100% sure brides to be do this or if it’s just the photographer in me but they should! Brainstorm them while your meeting your photographer, or email back and forth heck even open a Fb chat and get everyone involved.

I’ll list a few personality and locations below but keep in mind an unlikely place could be a gold mine for amazing shots, look past that grundy old building and see the potential it has in your photos.

Let’s step outside the norm and do things differently!

Gym Buffs /Sporty Couple
– Go to a pond or arena for some ice skatings shot
– Baseball games or any other game you are both into
– Only one of you is into sports? Why not have your partner show you how to play hockey, could get cheesy cute!
Nature Loving Couple– wooded parks that have a large variety of locations, Pointe pelee, corn fields, wide open spaces with amazing sunsets.  These are almost everywhere you look, super easy to find amazing locations where ever you live, even in the city there is some kind of green space.  The trick with these kinds of locations is to make it stand out.  Love nature, great, but have a killer outfit or cool prop like a retro looking couch in the middle of the forest, something that screams different!

City Folk Couple – This also is a good one for endless possibilities.
– Favorite coffee shop, bistro or patio
– Parking garages on the top floor
– Street walking
– Downtown Michigan so you have a bit of a big city vibe and skyscrapers
– Retro stores even, like trendy thrift stores (I know sounds odd but I did a shoot in one and they turned out so fun!)
– Alleys can have the modern urban look, cool and sleek, place a good looking couple in there and the contrast is stunning
– You city have any street performers? events? Doing a shoot around this type of thing would be fun, goes along with the county fair type
– Are you in a real city? lol like Toronto not windsor? ride the rails a bit, get some shot in the subway, on the street car, showcase your daily life together, do it at golden hour (1 hour before sunset) and get that sun kissed look.
– Do a session at night! the city is full of lights

Hipster and vintage couple – historical sites like heritage village, Hiram walker or cool trendy stores and buildings, cool graffiti is always an interesting backdrop, even more when its under a bridge.  Or better yet a cool train bridge, those are my favourites.  (BUT always remember SAFETY FIRST- Train tracks are dangerous!) Ok not a picture or engagement more just one model but you get the point.

Adventurous Couple– Mountain hikes (I still pretend I live out West sometimes), Ontario hikes (I mean to say long flat hikes), rock climbing the indoor kind or head a couple hours north, camping! I mean the real camping, or pick some where you know set up a cute tent bring the amores kit and have a ‘fake’ camping trip – you know just for the shoot.
Everything Water Couple– marina, ferry rides, rowboat or canoe rides, point pelee marsh, beaches, waterfalls
Cuteness couple – glitter bombs, powder paint, county fair