Started thinking about what to write for mom Mondays while my one year old sits on my desk as I type, jamming his soother into my mouth, and I think…. I have MASTERED multi tasking!

Being a mom has forced me and I am sure every single other mom on the planet to multitask.  If not you literally get ZERO things done and become a massive stress ball and lash out at your husband when he asked why there are no clean dishes, or why it’s 6pm and no one has made dinner.

Here’s 6 ways to be a MOM-TASKER

1.Is everyone feeling sticky? Take showers with the kids while they are still young enough, saving water and time, win win.  Thats an obvious one.

2. Do you work from home or need to use your computer?  Get side by side screens one for your work the other plays Paw Patrol on loop.  Got kid headphones? Even better!

3. Do you separate  laundry, then fold it after it’s dry?  WHY? Maybe fold work pants or hang that one top you own that can’t be folded but leave the rest in a basket and pick out of it as the week goes on.  Nobody has time for folding.  Don’t even think about ironing, honestly throw that thing out.   If you’re thinking ‘Wait omg NO!,  What if I have an important meeting and now all my outfits are so wrinkly it’s embarrassing’ – This is why they have the WRINKLE RELEASE option on your dryer! Set it for like 5 mins and you’re good, time saved, problem solved.  This not only saves you time but since you’re not folding you can get dishes done and dinner cooked

4. Use your google calendar for absolutely everything, I mean everything and have all the reminders set to ring 5 mins before.  Need to wake up at 6am create an event, set an event for getting downstairs by 7am so the kids can get to daycare by 8.  Create an event to remind you to stop at the bank, one to say stop at the grocery store, literally everything you need to do in the day make an event.  Not only does it look like you’re so busy and successful when someone glances at you schedule you can easily say ‘oh my, I already have 5 things going on that day, I couldn’t possibly commit to that.’  Bonus – share them all with your husband so he sees how ridiculous your days are while he’s at work, maybe he’ll come home with dinner a few nights 🙂

5. Make clean up time, actual work!  Every toy my son picks up to put away I quiz him, what shape is that, what colour is that.  Where does it go (Sorting).  Also have him follow you around with the swiffer, he thinks it’s a game, while you are tidying up he’s cleaning the floors.

6. Outdoor work with my 2 is a bit much but the days we do attempt it I put them to work.  While you need to cut the grass with the push lawnmower (I don’t suggest having kids out if you have to use a riding lawnmower), have them pull out your very overgrown weeds.  I would suggest buying little kids gardening gloves because getting dirt from under your own fingernails is hard enough.  Guaranteed you may lose a flower here and there because they will forget what you said the weeds looked like BUT it gets done.  Plan this fun activity while you have dinner in the oven.
Ok well maybe these are more mommy time savers than anything but either way I think they are at least somewhat helpful!