This Mom Has A Camera!

Victoria Kate Photography

I’ve always been in love with photography.  I remember going on school field trips and bringing my moms camera to use, getting excited to get the photos developed only to find out my thumb was in every single shot.  I’ve come a long way since those days!  I have been shooting professionally for almost 10 years now and I love it all.

I love the challenges that come along with children and newborn photography, I love the excitement of engagements and weddings and I love scouting locations for models and getting to be a creative director.

I am currently based out of Essex Ontario, shooting for Windsor and Essex County.

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This Mom Thinks She’s Funny!


I’ve been wanting for a long time to share some videos with the world, because lets be honest its pretty fun around here.

I’ll have my versions of how I do things on this channel, not necessarily the correct way, but I don’t claim to be an expert and thats why it’ll be interesting to watch. HA!

I have a pretty big list of videos I want to shoot and share, if you have any you’d like me to make just send me an email! or comment.

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This Mom’s Stylish!

Inspired by my two boys, I started Nolan & Dylan Children’s Apparel.  Shopping for cute boy clothes is pretty impossible.  I walk in the stores and only see little girls clothing!  Come on boys wear clothes to!  I have to end up walking to the back of the stores to the small little section and choose from there, its maddening!

Most of the designs are unisex, I don’t want to exclude those cute little girls 😉

The Nolan & Dylan website is coming soon!  I’ll have a store up and running when I have everything in order, so stay tuned!

Please leave any comments here or send me an email if you want to know more about Nolan & Dylan


This Mom Designs!

Ok well I have an Etsy store, its right here:


I design what I like, which right now is baby things for nurseries and wedding stationary!  I’ve made ads, business cards, every kind of party invite and the stationary that goes along with that.  I don’t claim to have any education in design work but I did take a few classes in it while getting my Advertising diploma at St.Clair so there is something there.  Everything else is self taught.