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Nothing to Wear?

Coupled with a fabulous pose that complements your curves, your choice of wardrobe is going to be the second thing he notices about your images.

You can choose to model your look after a hot little number you saw on the store mannequin, you can choose to stay simple in a matching bra & panty set, or you can choose to wear nothing but a smile and a white sheet.

The best advice I can give to you is to make sure that whatever you select as part of your photoshoot wardrobe, be completely comfortable wearing it.
We can find great inspiration on the websites like Pinterest and in the catalogues of our favorite lingerie stores.  (check out my Boudoir Pinterest Board!)

Need more ideas? Try a matching bra & panty set, mismatched bras & panties, corsets & garter belts, silk slips, bodysuits, rompers, or a robe. Whatever makes you feel confident and sexy!

I hope that got your wheels spinning in regards to your general wardrobe, but we can’t forget about another integral part of the boudoir wardrobe: the shoes! A killer pair of heels lengthens our legs, rounds out our derriere, and makes the majority of men weak in the knees. It also adds that final touch of sexiness to your look. Make sure you bring a few pairs of shoes with you to your session.

Chances are that even if they aren’t so comfortable to walk in, they are going to look amazing in the photographs. Trust me on that!

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$50.00 Gift card to La Senza! when you book before August 26th, 2017, HURRY time is running out!

Exciting stuff around here!

Studio Renovating !!!!

Also a major clean up and organizing all this weekend!  I started with an idea of a very sexy boudoir only studio and thought why not completely redo the studio to maximize my space.

I have a theme in mind – gold and white, modern but with some vintage flare.  I knew I wanted an accent wall to help double as some cool unique backdrops so I looked at some paint samples and of course chose a plumb purple (my fav) and it would totally go with the gold and white.  I’ll be honest, I had little faith I could pull off some crazy artwork on this wall BUT I jumped right into this Gold sharpie tutorial and OMG it turned out amazing!!!  Could not be happier.

Next on my reno todo is the bed and window curtains, big things are happening and it feels good!


Valentine’s Day is almost here, lets talk BOUDOIR

vdayad17coming soon

Just finalizing the dates and times but I’m so excited to tell you about this marathon! (This month for sure)

It will be at the Old Mill in Harrow, may be a bit chilly BUT that is what space heaters are for and I checked and the weather network says it’ll be a toasty 8 degrees.  Ladies we can make that work!

FB – @theoldmillharrow to check the space out.

Keep an eye out for dates and times, or message me now to hold you’re session!

Price is$325 and includes your makeup and as many outfit changes as you’d like, sessions last about an hour an half (including getting your makeup done)


Sneak Peek :)

Dylan’s helping me with a little posing lol is that weird? I didn’t tell him this set was for boudoir photos so I think it’s ok.

A little look at my studio when its set up for some sexy boudoir sessions. A few sessions are booked so more to come!!


Model Call!

OK here it is! An open call for all ladies who want to try a boudoir shoot!  I need only 2 ladies to model for me, I have some new sets and need some volunteers to help me market the sessions!

SO that means you must be willing to sign a release form.  Photos will be used online across social media and my sites to help me gain some awareness for my new studio offers.

If you are picked, and you rock the shoot (which I know you will) and you decide, oh dear, being online in my undies just isn’t for me, its OK.  I get it, people change their minds.  I won’t use your photos but because I can’t use them for marketing purposes I’ll need to charge a $250 fee for the session we had, we can treat it like a mini session.  Fair? I think so.

I have the June dates listed but if you really want to model and the days just don’t work for you we can discuss alternative days.  The session will take place in my home studio in Essex.

I can have someone here to do the makeup application but please come hair ready.  Can’t do your own hair? I get it, thats 100% me, hot messy bun works, sexy and straight, sure that works to.  Maybe just not the, this is how I rolled out of bed look.

*Side note: I am looking for a hair stylist to work with in the Windsor/Essex area, if you are or know someone who does mobile styling let me know, and send some rates!*

For being so awesome, you’ll get 4 high res digital downloads from our session, fully edited.  What only 4? Don’t worry you can for sure order more, digitals and all kinds of prints.  We can discuss that when the time comes.  Please note purchasing anything is not mandatory what so ever!  I would never push you to buy anything you don’t want to buy.  Just adding this is so you know its an option afterwards.

Send me a quick email introducing yourself and answering these easy questions:

  1. Do the dates work for you? Time is flexible
  2. Do you have any model experience? (not required, just nice to know)
  3. On a scale of 1 to 10 how comfortable are you in front of the camera in undies?
    1 being = Im naked 24/7, I love it.
    10 being = Can I wear my entire winter collection on top of my undies?

You got questions first you want answered before signing up? Not a problem just shoot me an email and I’ll respond right away.

Deadline for this call will be June 5th! So don’t hesitate.  I’ll be picking the models as they come in, and there are only 2 spots, and this will be the ONLY boudoir model call I’ll be having, so what are you waiting for?? Email me!

Thanks Ladies!!!